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Moose hunting in Jämtland, Sweden, with Ammeråns Hunting & Fishing




General Information

To ensure quality as well as safety, Ammeråns Hunting & Fishing welcomes a few Hunting Guests per period.

You will join the Hunting Club for several highly planned Moose Hunts. We hunt with well trained moose dogs in the beautiful forests of Jämtland, Sweden. Warm lunch will be served daily.

Welcome, your hunting host, Peter Eriksson





The Hunting Packages includes living accommondations in cottages with 4 beds, bath with shower and a fully equipped kitchen.


Dinner possibilities near the cottages at Skyttmoboden are available for booking


Other offered Services

Weapons, class 1, rental available

Radio, 155Mhz, rental available

Shooting range included





Hunting Arrangement:


Day of arrival:

1pm - Assembly together with your Hunting Hosts over a light meal at Skyttmoboden. All required hunting documentation will be gone through at this time as well as information about the coming hunting plans.

Possibility to sight in your gun.


The Hunt:

Meet at the "Vindskyddet" (=gathering place before and after each hunt) at agreed time. We will hunt 2-3 areas per day with a break for warm lunch at the "Vindskyddet".

After the last hunt on the last day there will be dinner for the Hunting Guests and Hunting Hosts.





Driving Directions


From Östersund, drive towards Strömsund / Hammerdal on Road 45, turn off before Hammerdal and follow signs to Skyttmon.

From Sundsvall, drive Road 86 towards Bispgården, turn left onto Road 87 towards Östersund, continue to Selsviken, turn towards Hammerdal via Överammer, follow Road 344 Ammeråstigen to Skyttmon.



How to come to Sweden; please use the information at:





Useful Information


Bank, Medical Center and Post Office as well as a larger Food Store and Petrol Station are located in Hammerdal 25 km from Skyttmon. A Hardware Store with Petrol Pump is located in Borgvattnet 15 km from Skyttmon. In Stugun, 30 km from Skyttmon, is also a Medical Center, Food Store and Petrol Station.

Firearm Import Permission

To ensure that you will receive your permission in time, pleace send in your application form at least 4 weeks before your date of arrival.

For Stockholn Arlanda Airport its 6 weeks.


For more information or if you have questions contact Peter Eriksson +46 703 321570 , or email.



Our way of Hunting

The 3500 hectare jaktmark (hunting lands) are situated in east Jämtland, moose country between Ragunda and Strömsunds community. We hunt moose with 2-3 specially trained moose dogs that drive the moose to the Hunter on post or stop it (=ståndskall). These dogs are of high caliber. Film clip, 5 Mb. An other film clip, 11 Mb. The areas hunted are large and it takes approx. 2-3 hours to complete each hunt. After the morning hunt a warm lunch (måltid) is served at the "Vindskyddet" and plans are made for the next hunt.


The hunting process is as follows. Dogs are released from different ends of the area to be hunted. They search for moose and either drive the moose towards the posted Hunters or stop the moose in a "ståndskall" (=barking "stand-off" between moose and dog). The posted Hunter can hear and enjoy the skill of the dog as it works the moose which is quite exciting. If the posted Hunter is still, quiet and lucky, he or she may just get the chance to see and or shoot.


This form of hunting is thrilling but does not guarantee the Hunter will shoot a large number of moose. Instead, there is a guarantee of an enormous, vast, quiet, relaxing visit in the beautiful Swedish Forests topped off with the excitement of the possiblilty to take down a moose.


Previous hunting years have resulted in an average of one moose per day and sometimes more. It happens often that moose will move about and come out even without the dogs after them,. So, it is important to sit stlll, be very quiet and stay alert and your chances of seeing or shooting will increase greatly.


It is not uncommon that the dogs get on the trail of a moose and the moose goes out of the area being hunted. Sometimes onto the neighboring Hunting Club's land. This can also be an enjoyable experience to hear how the dog works the moose and with luck it will return.


These forests are rich with fowl and bird life. While posted one may see Great Wood Grouse, Black Grouse and many other species. Black Bear wonder in these forests as well and during the first hunting period even a chance to Bag-a- Bear is possible. Note, that an extra charge is taken if a Bear is shot. Please read the brochur "Meeting bears".





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